I am sure by now we have all had a chance to hear about the steps being taken to reopen Maine gradually. Specifically the amount of people allowed to be in a group.In conversations with the other officers as well as the State President, we are having to take some measures we were all hoping we wouldn’t have to, but suspected we would.

The Marvin Tarbox ride for 2020 is canceled. As much as this ride means to the Low XII it can not happen under the guidelines set forth by the State of Maine. We will still be giving the scholarship to EMCC because we have reserves for just such an event. This is a little worse than a rainy day, but now we can all realize how important having a surplus in this account is.
The Ride for the Brotherhood is also canceled, again it is not possible to have it within State mandated guidelines. This will also mean that the 3 day “Main Event” planned for July 31- Aug 2nd is canceled as well. All chapters will still be giving $300.00 dollars towards the brotherhood ride, there will just be no actual ride this year.

There is some good news. On suggestion from VP Ramsey I reached out to the DJ that was  paid to play at the 3 day event and moved them to the Christmas Party on Dec 12th. So we only lost $100.00 on the 3 day event cancellation for reserving the campground and that is it.

There will still be plenty of smaller rides that we in the LOW XII will be planning for our chapter so I hope everyone will take advantage of them. I think it is important that we lean on each other and look out for each other.

I look forward to riding with you soon.

Stay safe brothers, better days will be coming.