Sarah’s House

From Gerry Knight:

So today I helped out at Sarah’s house. It was not a pleasant task removing drywall and getting dirty, skinning a knuckle or two and feeling the moisture being sucked from you skin wherever that dust touched. But I will tell you one thing, I am in shock with the number of brothers that showed up to help. Richard Ramsey, Mickey Dolley, Michael Springer, Jacob Bryant, Ernie Smith, Tony Smith, and of course Mike’s son. This gentlemen is what it is about. I am proud to call all of you brother and friend.

Tarbox Ride 2019

WOW! Our 2019 Tarbox Memorial Ride in Year #8 was by far stronger than ever before. 151 riders and passengers joined us on Sunday, June 2nd to raise funds for the Northern Maine Community College Foundation in honor of Mason & Shriner Marvin Tarbox who was tragically killed in an accident while performing with the Anah Shrine Motor Corps unit during a parade.

In addition, this year we also helped to raise funds for Donna Wiegle’s TEAL on WHEELS ovarian cancer awareness tour. Donna plans to ride cross-country to publicize the plight of women who are all too often misdiagnosed when suffering from this silent killer.

Our donation to the Northern Maine Community College Foundation goes towards providing a scholarship at Marvin’s alma mater for a worthy student in the electrical program. It was a field in which Marvin had worked for many years, sometimes along side our own members.

The Low XII Riders, the Central Maine Chapter of the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association was formed not long after Marvin’s death and because of his close ties with many of our founders who had also been part of the Motor Corps Unit at one time or another, this was felt to be a great way to perpetuate the idea of selflessness while enjoying one’s hobby. Though many of our newer members never will have the opportunity to meet Brother Tarbox, his memory lives in our organizational DNA.

Thanks to Angela Ramsey for the photos.

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House in the Woods Ride May 2019

Thanks to Angela Ramsey for the photos.