Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers

The Widows Sons were founded with an overarching purpose to assist widows and orphans as all Masons are pledged to do. To that end, our chapter has “adopted” the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers as a primary charitable activity.

For the past several years we have held an annual ride to raise funds for their many activities and those who’ve taken part have been truly moved by the way their program is run and the outcomes they achieve.

What began with a ride to bring them diapers and needed items for young families has grown into some really fun times for us all. Basically, we now do two things each year: one is a ‘diaper ride’ where we collect boxes and boxes of diapers and items they need and deliver them, complete with police escort, to their facility. In recent years they’ve had a BBQ for us and we additionally hold raffles and other fund-raising events for them. Our second event derives from our the state-wide Widows Sons Holiday Party where we ask all attendees to bring a toy or some other item which we then pack up and deliver to them just in time to fill in for their last-minute toy needs.

In addition, we’ve also provided last-minute delivery for those unable to get to the Home for a Christmas package and we’re looking forward to participating in some building renovation activity to help save their precious funds and make better use of the ever-expanding campus facilities.

In 2018, a challenge resulted in two of our members riding to Waterville dressed in ONLY diapers. Seeing a couple of old geysers on bikes wearing only a diaper nearly resulted in several accidents so 2019 was ‘dress normally’. We had some great fun with a pie-in-the-face contest, though, and raised a bunch more money. 2020 we’re going dressed as Super Heroes! DO PLAN TO JOIN US!

And please, if you want to support an amazing program, do consider the Maine Children’s Home For Little Wanderers!!!