While we are still facing challenging times during this pandemic, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. While some Widows Sons charitable rides are being canceled for the early start of our season, many events are gearing up to be successful events as they have been in the past. The Northern Invasion, North Woods Rendezvous, The Widows Cup, and even our own Marvin Tarbox Memorial Ride to name a few.

We still have Covid-19 protocol to follow while enjoying our riding season, but once we pick our feet up, that never seems to be an issue. This can still be one of many riding seasons to remember, and things should get better as we go, but let’s do it smart. Remember, we are Masons, and are the examples of the Fraternity. Please respect others opinions and precautions, and enjoy time with our Brothers and Sisters, while we do what we love, in masonry and in motion.


    Big D